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Leo Grassmann

Customer Satisfaction Manager

Leo Grassmann is our Customer Satisfaction Manager, namesake, and newest team member. Leo, the adorable 1 year-old namesake may be new to the company, but his passion for playing, babbling, and bringing joy to everyone he meets is already well-established. With a contagious giggle and never-ending supply of energy, Leo is always eager to engage in some playful fun, whether it’s playing with toys or simply exploring his surroundings. Leo is a natural, with an ever-expanding vocabulary of delightful babbling sounds that never fail to bring a smile to everyone’s face and of course he has a strong passion for naptime. At such a young age, Leo has already proven to be a valuable member to our team, reminding us all to take joy in the simple things in life and to always approach our work with a sense of playfulness and wonder. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for our little namesake, and we feel honored to have him as part of our company family.

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